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Maximizing Construction Project Incentives: Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act

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To support lower carbon emissions by 2032, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Section 48 Energy Credit offers new construction and energy projects up to 6-50% of costs as a tax credit to private and tax-exempt entities. Backed by Arch Energy—Consigli’s energy division—we help clients secure dollars by leveraging eligible tax credits to advance leovegas casinoclean energy solutions and get one step closer to decarbonization.

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Step 1: Identify the Project’s Energy Scope

With our Arch Energy experts, Consigli provides the guardrails to qualified eligible scope for developed projects.

Step 2: Quantify the Project’s Energy Output

Based on the eligible scope, Consigli quantifies your energy project output, including the total rated capacity of heating and cooling.

Step 3: Relate the Design to Domestic Content

Our team identifies any iron, steel and manufactured products within the project scope that can be sourced domestically to maximize benefits from the “Made in USA” Domestic Materials Bonus.

Step 4: Manage Labor Requirements

In pre-construction, Consigli develops a plan for prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements based on total heating and cooling output (if leovegas sport reviewapplicable). The project may require that 100% certified payroll and 15% total labor hours be performed by a certified apprenticeship.

Step 5: Identify Other Bonuses or Tax Credits

As Consigli helps secure IRA incentives, we will also evaluate other cost-saving incentives for use on your project, including bonus credits and local tax rebates.

Where We’re Doing It

University of New Hampshire, Thermal Energy Storage Tank

In lieu of installing a new chiller plant to meet a campus need for increased cooling, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) called for the construction of a TES tank that will store and deliver a minimum of 10,400 ton-hours of thermal energy as chilled water at 42°F. The implementation of this project will be a significant step in helping UNH achieve their leovegas online casino and sports bettingsustainability goals highlighted in their Climate Action Plan, WildCAP. Consigli supported the University to maximize IRA credits, including:

  • Review of tank components and steel for domestic content requirements.
  • Subcontract development to clearly define apprenticeship requirements from each subcontractor.
  • Tracking system creation and management to ensure weekly that all certified payrolls and apprenticeship hours were properly logged and submitted to the University.

Learn more about the project leovegas.

Arch Energy or Consigli does not provide accounting, tax or legal advice to its clients, and all clients are strongly urged to consult with their own tax or legal advisors regarding any potential strategy. We have provided this information for educational purposes only.