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Planning for Your Future: Strategic Solutions Driving Campus Project Decisions

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With many academic institutions re-evaluating campus needs as we evolve during this pandemic, Consigli brings a strong interdisciplinary approach to assessing existing campus facilities and providing practical scope recommendations with associated costs, focused on five strategic solutions.

Reduced Budgets

Our Solutions:
  • leovegas online casino and sports betting Leveraging multiple project relationships with key partners resulting in greater control over project costs & lead time risks.
  • Reduced Cost. Full-time on-site management with the resources to cover multiple projects on concurrent work schedules maximizing cost efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Our Solutions:
  • Energy Optimization. Provide solutions to reduce energy use by 15% to 25%, like peak demand shaving, networked lighting controls, etc.
  • Deep Energy Retrofit. Provide a more comprehensive look at all your energy consuming systems including building envelope & try to achieve 50% to 60% reduction in energy usage.
  • Building Intelligence. Design & implement building management systems, with data driven analytics on your HVAC system operations.
  • Healthy Buildings. Ensure that your buildings are meeting or exceeding enhanced ventilation needs.

Consigli’s leovegas casino|Free group provides and implements integrated solutions to create leovegas online, healthy and intelligent buildings powered by low-carbon infrastructure, reducing costs and increasing building efficiency across all markets.

Deferred Maintenance

Our Solutions:
  • Building Assessments. Exploratory work to identify existing conditions & minimize cost & schedule impacts.
  • Informed Estimates. Scope menus & prioritization of the most critical deferred maintenance items.
  • M/E/P Services. Provide data driven strategies that maximize long-term value with lower maintenance & operating costs.
  • Right Sizing. Develop strategic equipment solutions that balance project & operating costs.

leovegas casinoStreamlining Procurement

Our Solutions:
  • Trade Bundling. More competitive pricing through resource loading & personnel leveling between multiple projects.
  • Design-Build Services. Lead an assembled team of design specialists to assist in master planning, campus assessment & project scope development.

Staffing Resources

Our Solutions:
  • A Dedicated Staff. Provide multi-project management solutions with transparent documentation & reporting for less strain on in-house resources.
  • Expanded Resources. Connect with Project Service Group resources (VDC, Scheduling & M/E/P) to develop task focused project management planning & solutions.